About Me

Hi! My name is Morphene, I am 22 years old and lives in Gothenburg;Sweden.

Every Friday from now on I will be streaming from around 20:00

My LoL name is Morphein

Here's some info about me ;*

My absolute favorite video games:
Deadpool, Fable 1-3, Dead Space 1-3 (tho I have not played through game 3 cuz its super scary and I don't have many to play with :( ), and little big planet. I love old games too ofc!, Favorites are Spyro 1 and Bubble Bobble <3

My absolute favorite computer games:
Leage of Legend, Diablo 3, Minecraft.

My absolute favorite movies:
Alien 1-4, In the mouth of madness, Event horizon, Jurassic Park 1-2, Hellraiser 1-4, Tommyknockers, Godzilla 1998, a lot of Studio Ghibli movies, and ofc I love some Disney movies :* this list can go on but those are the top faves.

My absolute favorite series:
Doctor Who, Supernatural, Game of thrones, Fringe, ,The strain, Dexter, the X files, Adventure times!, Bravest warriors, South park, Sherlock.

My absolute favorite Anime:
Fairy tail, Claymore, DearS, Deadman wonderland, Elfen leid, Akame ga Kill!, Chaika, The coffin princess, Trinity seven, Parasyte, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, No Game No Life, Katanagatari (but hated the ending </3)

My absolute favorite Manga:
Kurohime, Fairy tail, claymore and I must look at my bookmarks later to remember them all xD

I don't work because I'm on a sick leave. I want to achieve my dream by going to Art school so i can upgrade my art more to be able to live on it. 

But thats on a hold because two years ago I developed pain in my leg witch spread to both legs, feet and hands so I am in constant pain so i take painkillers that don't remove all but so I don't have to lay down on the floor screaming. 

The hospitals in Sweden are a joke, they have not found what causes this! I have done a lot of tests and i am down to the last test that i can do here in Sweden. If not i want to go to example Germany to let them do tests that they dont do here.



Please help me, even a little helps and ofc sharing does too. I will forever be grateful to you and I love you all ( •ॢ◡-ॢ)-♡

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You can of course donate for example outfits that you wish to see me in, but  NO revealing shit like crotchless panties lol, i forbid it and Twitch forbits it. Im a teaser not a pleaser. if you think I am missing a skin or a champion feel free to gift me <3

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